Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains what information we collect and how we use it.

What information do we collect?

If you wish to buy prints or cards on-line then we will be given your name, address and email address by PayPal so that we are able to contact you and deliver your order. We do not use the information for any other purpose or supply it to anyone else. We do retain the information so that we have a record of the sale.

Like every other web site you use, our web server maintains an access log. This records the IP address, web browser type and URL for each web site access but does not record any personal data. It is only used for operational troubleshooting and resolving web server issues.


There are two types of cookies: persistent and session. Persistent cookies are small data files that certain web sites store on your computer and now require your permission to store. Hence all those annoying pop-ups and banners that have appeared on web sites. Session cookies on the other hand only exist for your browser session and are not stored on your computer. These do not require permission.

We do not use any persistent cookies and only use a session cookie to maintain a shopping basket.